Large Riberry Leaf Tisane refill Pouch. (Australian Native bush tea/ bush food)


Tisane  ti-ˈzan, -ˈzän
An infusion used as a beverage or for medicinal effects.

Our Riberry leaf tisane is harvested from Riberry plants we have selectively bread over many years for the purpose of brewing as a tea. It has a unique soft blossom and rose flavour that lifts the heart and brightens the soul.

Hand-harvested and dried naturally by the sun, Riberry leaf tisane is cleansing and refreshing. Brew one tea spoon per cup at 80 Degrees Celsius for 1.5 – 3 minutes.

Naturally dried by hand maintains it’s rich medicinal properties. By keeping it local and handling each process ourselves, from the ground to you, we ensure you will always have a high quality tisane.

Our Large Riberry leaf tisane refill pouch contains 100g of loose leaf in our environmentally friendly biodegradable and completely composable refill pouches for better freshness.

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Drink it in the morning light, throughout your busy day or as the sun sets.

Brew a pot. Take a breath. And reconnect with what matters.

Riberry Leaf tisane is caffeine free and naturally rich in bio compounds, such as:

  • Polyphenol antioxidants and flavonoids
  • Digestive bitter properties
  • Essential metabolites such as inositol
  • Folate
  • Anthocyanins
  • Lutein

Sustainable harvest – Hand cured.

Protecting our oceans with plastic free recyclable packaging, biodegradable/ compostible sleeves and pouches for pure freshness.

100% Australian owned, grown, packed & produced.

Because we believe we need to be responsible for our environment and supporting our community.

Traditional use

Gurạdji is a native Australian plant traditionally used for thousands of years to heal ailments, cleanse the body and bring clarity to the mind. The leaves were chewed to relieve toothache. The women made a traditional sun tea by steeping the leaves in water and leaving in the sun for hours. This was then sipped to relieve cramping, pain or nausea. Gurạdji was made into a paste and applied to wounds or injuries to reduce inflammation and help in the healing process.

The wise ‘Guradji Men’ dispensed the leaf. They were the holders of knowledge, tradition and rules: the lore. When someone visited another clan, they sought out the Guradji Man for permission to access that clan’s Country. They shared Gurạdji in ceremony, which had a relaxing effect. This act said: “I am comfortable to share Gurạdji with you; you are welcome on my Country.”

Contemporary Use

Using Gurạdji in a modern diet is only limited by your imagination. Its mild nutty sweat flavor makes it great for just about anything. Especially when many leafy superfoods have very strong flavors that need an acquired taste.

Gurạdji’s main use is as a tisane. Heating your water to around 85 Deg C (when the small bubbles start in your kettle) allows for a much richer flavor without destroying the Bio active compounds. A guide to the amount needed is approximately 2.5 grams for every 250 ml of water and let steep for 5 minutes. More and longer for those who prefer a stronger brew and want to maximise the bitter benefits.

Gurạdji can be drunk hot or cold and makes for a fantastic sugar free iced tea.

Brewing Gurạdji as a sun tea is also a fun way to maximise the beneficial compounds. Simply use 10 grams (or a handful) of Gurạdji, put it in a 1 litre clear glass jug of water. Leave it in the sun for 4 hours stirring every hour or so and enjoy the brew.

BREWING GURBUCHI: (Gurạdji Kombucha)
Unlike many herbal infusions, Gurạdji can be brewed into a fantastic Kombucha on its own, known as Gurbuchi. Because of its high tannins and polyphenols, Gurạdji brews and ferments perfectly well without the need for black or green tea to supplement the brewing and fermenting process.

Gurạdji can be blended finely or left as is and used on salads, in smoothies, made into ice cream or used in cooking for its unique insoluble fibre and benefits to gut health. Only limited by your imagination, Gurạdji’s rich taste and aroma makes a perfect addition to most foods and dishes.


Try putting your fresh or used Gurạdji leaves in a body cloth and washing your body whilst in the shower, or even putting them directly in your bath. The presence of inositol makes it great for skin ailments, and leaves your skin feeling soft, and rejuvenated. Inositol has been shown to increase skin elasticity more effectively than collagen.

The high anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial, antioxidant, and anti-fungal properties in Gurạdji also help with any topical skin condition and inflammation.

Further utilise your used Gurạdji leaves by letting them cool and placing them as a face mask.
Relax with a Gurạdji foot bath.

Soak your feet in a strong Gurạdji brew to get rid of foot odours. Gurạdji is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.


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