This Land, this people,
Our bodies are made from this land.
Our spirit is given to us from THIS LAND.
Our thoughts and memories come from our ANCESTORS buried in this LAND.
YOU must RESPECT this land
and ANCESTORS when you


Ancient wisdom. Wellness today.

Proudly First Nation owned and operated

LORE Australia is a health and wellness company using native bio-foods.
We are a community, a philosophy: a way of life.

Our purpose is to share knowledge gained over thousands of generations and promote a holistic approach to healthy living. We provide Australian native bio-foods that enhance people’s quality of life and facilitate a connection with the land from which they are sourced.


Our philosophy is based on the three principles of traditional lore:
Country – Community – Spirit.


Country is where we live, but it also determines who we are. We respect Country as we respect ourselves.


Community is the basis of life and harmony – we are all responsible for each other.


Spirit is the essence of our selves, encompassing the physical and the intangible.

To live a healthy and happy life, these three guiding principles which are a part of a living system, must be in balance. Balance is the foundation to wellness. Focusing too much on one principle disturbs the equilibrium.

This is why we combine Australia’s amazing native bio-foods with traditional knowledge in a way that is suitable for our community’s modern living.

LORE Australia is committed to protecting the places and people we love. We:

Recognise and respect our traditional knowledge and ancestors

Use sustainable Wild harvest and Hand cured products

Support fair working conditions

Minimise our environmental footprint at every opportunity

Are protecting our oceans with plastic free recyclable packaging

Use rescued and reclaimed packaging materials

Use 100% native Australian ingredients

Are 100% Australian owned, grown, packed & produced

Because we believe responsibility for our environment and supporting our community starts with us.




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