Gurbuchi – Native Guradji Kombucha From $64.99

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Gurbuchi-Flavoured with Australian Native Botanicals

Birthed in Bellingen NSW Australia

Organic & Wild Harvested ingredients

Low in Sugar

Full Flavour

Made for Gut Health 

No Nasties


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Gurbuchi is derived from the combination of ‘Guradji’ and ‘Kombucha’. Together we celebrate the fusion of traditional First Australian fermenting practices and ancient Manchurian kombucha brewing.

‘Gurbuchi’ is made with the native Australian plant Guradji, renowned for it’s anti-inflammatory and relaxation effects.

Discover the taste of tradition , blended with the goodness of Australian Native Botanicals in a drink as authentic as the land itself.


The Taste of Australia

Lemon Myrtle & Finger Lime

Organic Raw Kombucha* (Sparkling spring water, Organic raw sugar,* green tea,* Black tea* & kombucha culture) Wild Harvested Guradji, Lemon Myrtle,* Finger Lime*

* Certified Organic

Ooray plum & Wild Hibiscus

Organic Raw Kombucha* (Sparkling spring water, Organic raw sugar,* green tea,* Black tea* & kombucha culture) Wild Harvested Guradji, Ooray plum,* Wild hibiscus*

* Certified Organic

Lilly Pilli & Strawberry Gum

(Coming soon)

Kakadu plum & Wurrganyga Leaf
(Coming soon)

The Taste of Australia


Preservative free. No artificial colours, flavours or Sweeteners.
Naturally caffeine free
Low in sugar
Bubbling with probiotic and prebiotic cultures which are important for gut health
High in anti-inflammatory compounds
Packed with antioxidants

Lemon Myrtle & Finger lime
Finger limes are rich in folate, potassium and Vitamin E
They are exploding in vitamin C
Lemon myrtle boasts good amounts of magnesium and vitamin A
It is also rich in anti-microbial, anti-fungal and has high anti-septic properties

Ooray plum & Wild Hibiscus
ooray plums are rich in potassium, zinc and calcium.
Beaming with Lutein for eye health
Exploding in vitamin C and E
Gurbuchi is a drink you can feel good about inside and out.

Traditional use

Aboriginal Australians Fermented grains, legumes, steeped leaves and honey for their elixir health benefits and ceremonial insights.

Gurạdji is a native Australian plant traditionally used for thousands of years to heal ailments, cleanse the body and bring clarity to the mind. The leaves were chewed to relieve toothache. The women made a traditional sun tea by steeping  the leaves in water and leaving in the sun to brew. This was then sipped to relieve cramping, pain or nausea. Gurạdji was made into a paste and applied to wounds or injuries to reduce inflammation and help in the healing process.

The wise ‘Guradji Men’ dispensed the leaf. They were the holders of knowledge, tradition and rules: the lore. When someone visited another clan, they sought out the Guradji Man for permission to access that clan’s Country. They shared Gurạdji in ceremony, which had a relaxing effect. This act said: “I am comfortable to share Gurạdji with you; you are welcome on my Country.”

Contemporary use

Using Gurạdji in a modern diet is only limited by your imagination. Its mild green tea and sweat flavor makes it great for just about anything. Especially when many leafy superfoods have very strong flavors that need an acquired taste.

As a fermented tea:
Gurạdji’s main use is as a tisane. Being naturally caffeine free, packed full of antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties, Fermenting Gurạdji tea makes for a divine health drink. Gurbuchi can be drunk warm or ice cold.

In a spiraling fast paced world that is ever demanding more of us, take advantage of Gurạdji’s relaxing effects by drinking our Gurbuchi and remember to Brew. Breath. Connect.


BREWING GURBUCHI: (Gurạdji fermented Tonic)
Unlike many herbal infusions, Gurạdji can be brewed into a fantastic Kombucha on its own, known as Gurbuchi. Because of its high tannin and polyphenols, Gurạdji brews and ferments perfectly well without the need for black or green tea to supplement the brewing and fermenting process.

Check out our blog on brewing your own Gurbuchi.


11 reviews for Gurbuchi – Native Guradji Kombucha From $64.99

  1. nick cross

    An incredible brew from an amazing part of the world. I’m proud to support Lore’s indigenous culture and a first nation business. These products have prompted some innovative conversations from my children which I cherish. My personal favourite are the kombucha varieties. As a non alcohol drinker this good stuff has a permanent place in my fridge. Thanks Lore!

  2. Gail sims

    Wow. Best kombucha ever. I love this kombucha so much. Amazing flavour. We had this for our wedding and just about every guest tried it and thought it was amazing.

  3. June

    Really good kombucha. Well done

  4. syron

    Thank you for my box of your beautiful kombucha. It’s definitely the best I’ve ever tried

  5. Lyndon C.

    The purple rain is amazing. I love the flavour of it and the colour is so cool.

  6. Kylie

    I love being able to buy 750 ml bottles on line now.

  7. Emma crisp

    I bought a case and got free shipping. Came within a couple of days in an ice box. Very happy, thank you

  8. Cameron

    Tried this at the Bellingen markets. It’s amazing. Best Kombucha by far.

  9. Tara Anne

    I just love everything about this Buch. I love that it uses Native Guradji. (I drink Gruadji tea every morning). I love the taste, the low sugar and I love the names.

  10. Nick

    Best booch I’ve tried. Definitely nothing like traditional Kombucha. This is soft and sweet. More like a soft drink but without the high sugar.

  11. Pannah spanna

    This is the most amazing kombucha I have ever had. The Zingy Stardust is just divine. Knowing the story behind it is great. Australian native kombucha. Amazing

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