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Wattle day of celebration

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Acacia’s or commonly called the Wattle is one of our iconic Australian trees and I love this time of year when they are in full bloom as your driving up the freeway. It’s like a golden cascade of royal gala. The bright yellow, the smell of wattle nectar. It all just sounds the drums of spring to me and I feel alive again.

So, in celebration of wattle day, let’s take a look at this iconic plant. Its origins are of Gondwanaland with about 900 species in Australia alone.

Did you know they are nitrogen fixers?

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Krubi, the red flower blossom and a story of forbidden love.

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Telopea Speciosissima (Krubi or Waratah) the Waratah flower produces a rich abundant nectar that is high in vitamins and carbohydrates. Mothers would use the nectar of the Krubi as an alternative food source for babies not getting enough milk from their mothers or when weaning off the breast.

It was a crisp September morning known as Murrai’yunggory time (Cool and getting warmer. Time to prepare for the summer food) when….

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Country – Community – Spirit. A wholistic approach to health and wellness

By | LORE Australia | One Comment

In a modern western view of Health and wellness we usually talk about the mind, body and the spirit yet what we are essentially looking at is the focus on one entity… are we forgetting or missing fundamentally important parts of Health and wellbeing and is there more we can learn?

Across Australia, indigenous nations look at health and wellbeing as a much deeper and wholistic …

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