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5 Rockin Australian non-alcoholic beverages for this Dry July. Made in Australia, by Australians for Australians

I remember when I was young and my Dad dropped me off at a party and I said, “hey dad, you don’t mind if I have a beer or two do you?”

He replied “That’s your decision but remember, any kid can drink and be the fool of the party but it takes strength to be the one that says “I don’t need it.”

What a stupid thing to say I thought and of course I had a FEW beers.

It wasn’t till years later that those words actually made sense and especially with the social pressure to “talk with your beer” when you’re having a conversation. Argh, I can’t stand listening to alcoholic infused dribble when I’m out these days. Now, luckily today we have options of REAL non alcoholic drinks to relish for these moments.

Oh, and did I mention how much better a 6 am surf is without a hangover?

The most common question I get asked these days is
“But aren’t good non alcoholic beverages just a fad and where can you buy them?”.

Great question which I love being asked.

My response?

“Hold my hand crafted made in Australia, gut healthy probiotic beneficial, low sugar, non alcoholic beverage whilst I tell you what you have been missing out on.” Hahaha.

So, I have been in contact with Jeremy Cox, founder and creator of curious craft from the north coast town of Lismore Australia, and Jeremy has seen where the market is heading. He has opened up one of Australia’s truly dedicated craft beverage shops. You won’t find the big brands with their money come lately products here. Jeremy is supplying high quality craft Alcohol and non alcoholic drinks the like and It’s going gangbusters. Jeremy is stocking most of our recommendations and more.

With a little planning and foresight you can be assured you won’t have to resort to sitting at the kids table drinking sugar water at the next big bash. You can also buy directly or find your local stockist on each company’s website and believe me, it’s a great conversation starter to the drunk dribble we are used to at events. Do your body a favour, get something healthy and delicious into you.


  1. First up we have our very own one and only Australian Native fermented Tonic Gurbuchi. Australia’s first and only Native kombucha using 100% Native ingredients. Crafted by us here at LORE Australia, an Aboriginal owned and operated health and wellness company. Our mission is to unearth Australia’s native biofoods and connect people to our Country through our Indigenous foods. Gurbuchi is brewed using wild harvested Gurạdji. Our Sucker Punch made from Davidson plums will really get your night rockin and our Zingy Stardust made from lemon myrtle and finger limes is like liquid sherbet. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Our favourite non alco beverage when we’re not chugging down our own is from our friends up in Gods Country, Sobah non alcoholic beer. Clinton and Lozen have developed something special here. My favourite is the Native Pepper Berry IPA. And their fingerlime Cerveza. Aboriginal owned and operated using native ingredients this is a real beer. Not like those NA beers where the alcohol is removed after brewing and taste like crap. This is for those who truly appreciate the taste of real beer.


  1. We can’t go through a Dry July without mentioning the fermentary who make a kimchi tonic. Yes, you heard me. This is something to really get your gut into action. Perfect for your out there bloody Mary mocktail. The taste? Well it tastes like kimchi of course. Who is the Fermentary? Well straight from their website says it all.Ancient foods revived. Raw, Wild, and Slow Fermented: From a love of good food to a fight for gut democracy – we are proudly dedicated to complex, full flavour, gut loving, nutrient dense ferments.


  1. Now if you’re looking for something to mix up a spritzer or mocktail. Our guru Jeremy from curious craft ales in Lismore has given the thumbs up to these little beauties. Pyewackets Traditional founded by Genna and Katrina who make a “shrub”. An old fashioned name for a fruit and herb preserve which is fermented in vinegar. Try their Mango Lime with Jalapeno. It has a comforting smokey flavour and perfect for a cold, dry July.


  1. Our newest addition here at LORE Australia is something special for these chilly nights. Warm up in front of the fire with a glass of our mulled & spiced Davidson plum Gurbuchi. Heat to about 28 deg C and enjoy. Infused with a mix of spices like cinnamon, and native spices like the native clove, native galangal, Gaarawayga leaf (anise myrtle), budgery bush and native pepper berry. Enjoy the flavours as they role down your pallet into your gut. It’s something like you won’t believe. Well we think it’s pretty good. (Purchase only through our email newsletter. Sign up now to get your email token.)




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